The Next Generation of Windmill – 2017

Its my pleasure to welcome you to the Windmill Family Campground. We have been busy planning, visiting, and researching other parks during the off-season and will implement some exciting changes and additions to the park. We respect and honour the history and culture of the Windmill Family Campground, and also look forward to the future and what it will take to make improvements and keep this park a destination of choice.

After purchasing the Windmill Family Campground in September of 2016 it was clear the park was in need of some updates. Prioritizing the needs is always a challenge, but I’m happy to announce some of the changes we made:

  1. Brand new logo and branding
  2. New state of the art website
  3. New online reservation system
  4. Introduction of our new road with cabins known as Kindlewood Court
  5. Updated store and rec area with many new features
  6. The hiring of a new manager, Rick Branderhorst

New ownership can come with some changes and we ask for your trust and patience as together with the new managers, Rick and Jennifer Branderhorst, we manage Windmill Family Campground for the first season. We truly hope you enjoy your vacation here at Windmill Family Campground.


Matt Den Hollander